Have you not always wondered how it is possible to make marshmallows and what is inside? I did and that’s why I am posting this marshmallow recipe. Did you know that the first records of Marshmallows date back to the 11th century? It was quite similar to the one we eat today. At the beginning the root of the marshmallow plant, “Althaea officinalis” was used, it had also medical background. Later the French changed in the 20th century the recipe and used it as a desert. This is a short summary of the its history. Actually, it is quite simple and I was really surprised that it worked the first time and they even tasted good 😉 (I had some test eater; it was not only me judging). The following recipe is for raspberry marshmallows. Marshmallow

You’ll need for it: 300g fresh Raspberries 100g Icing Sugar 400g Caster Sugar 2tbsp Golden Syrup 150ml Water 30g Powder Gelatine 2 Egg Whites 2tbsp Vanilla Extract Additional Icing Sugar Method:

  • Prepare a tin with a baking parchment. I used a try approximately 20cm X 30cm.
  • Wash the raspberries and place them with the icing sugar in a pan. Cook them until they are soft and pulpy (like a jam, but don’t cook as long). Then sieve into a bowl.
  • Then heat the golden syrup and the icing sugar with 150ml water to a soft ball. Cook approximately 10 minutes, until you get a brown thichish texture.

Marshmallow - sugar

  • At the same time, heat the bowl with raspberry syrup over a pan with hot water. When it is warm, stir in the powder gelatine.
  • In a separate bowl, whisk the egg white, until it forms soft beaks and add the vanilla extract. It is the easiest if you have a kitchen aid machine or someone helping you to do the following steps, especially with mixing everything together at the end.
  • When the sugar and golden syrup mixture is ready, whisk in the raspberry syrup. Pay attention, it will spit and is very hot!
  • Whisk again the egg white and constantly add the warm raspberry sugar syrup. Whisk further until glossy and thick. This can take a while (5 minutes), it has to double in size.
  • Pour it now into the prepared tin and let it rest, until it has reached room temperature.
  • Sprinkle first some icing sugar over the marshmallows, then turn whole baking parchment and gently remove it. Sprinkle again with icing sugar. It may be sticky. Now when you are cutting the pieces of marshmallows, dust them straight away with icing sugar that it cannot stick to anything.

Marshmallow and icing sugar

  • Now they are ready to serve! Enjoy your firstly home-made marshmallows =)

Marshmallow detail


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