Polpo – Notting Hill

Welcome to POLPO, welcome to tapas Italian-style and welcome to one of the most recent success-stories in the London gastro scene. It all started back in 2009 with the first POLPO in Beak Street. Aand only five years later – there are already four POLPO restaurants in London. All set up by the successful restaurateur Russell Norman, who has opened seven restaurants in the past few years most recently the Ape & Bird gastropub in Cambridge Circus and the POLPO in Notting Hill thus the very place I talking about today: Polpo Notting Hill Note: It is not easy to get a table, because they do not take reservations. We already tried once, but they were fully booked and thus we left disappointed, hungry and even more thirsty. The second time we went there, we arrived a bit before 7pm – the ideal time for getting a place straight away. Otherwise you could also have a drink at the bar while waiting for a table. The interior design is quite simple and rustic, the waiters are friendly – contrary to many reviews – and according to my friend really handsome (especially one). The POLPO has a lively atmosphere and is really enjoyable . The menu is written on the place setting. They have a nice selection of different types of Tapas (kind of Bruschetta’s and Pizzas, various meat, fish and vegi plates), what makes it quite difficult to make up, what to choose, because most of it sounds delicious =) yummy . We ordered in total 7 dishes, which was a bit too much for the two us, but for sure two hungry men would gobble it up at instant! Let’s get started: with a classy Bellini – of course! But we got it the casual way in a “normal” glass thus the hipster way – no champagne glass needed!   Bellini at Polpo I guess you want to know what we ate. Because the portions are small and thought to be shared, they come time by time and you start discovering it bit by bit, which makes one curious how the next dish is. So here we go: Polpo mix Potato & parmesan crocchette, Focaccia with mozzarella and white peaches, which were delicious! And what should not be missing on an Italian table, fritto misto. Polpo mix II In the second round we got: a kind of Pizza with spinach, Parmesan & soft egg, Prawns with garlic and chili, they were amazing! And a salad of zucchini, parmesan & basil, the dressing is made out of lemon and together with the grated cheese, it gives the perfect dressing! And to round up the dinner we had to try the chocolate salami, which is great! It is a bit salty and together with the nuts and dried fruits in the chocolate it made the perfect combination. Chocolate Salami And here is the link to the restaurant: http://www.polpo.co.uk/ The restaurant Polpo Notting Hill II


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