Hi there!!

I am A, lets keep it simple. You may wonder why I have chosen The Chilichocolate as name. There are two simple reasons. Firstly, I love chocolate over all, it is on my daily menu. Another reason may be, because I am Swiss and it is nearly a national dish. Secondly, I like spicy food and I add when possible always my chili to the recipes. So you see where the journey will go..

There is another question you may ask yourself. Why another blog.. I asked myself the same question and came to the decision Yes it needs another one. A reason is, I love to cook and pamper my friends and mostly they ask for the recipes afterwards. Another point is, that I like to go and find new places to dine. A blog is a good way to tell everyone about my new discovers and experiences.

Now this is enough about me.. I hope you enjoy my blog 🙂

Cheers, A


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