Brunch at Duck & Waffle’s

Who doesn’t like to go for a brunch on a Sunday morning? After some Mayfair night out, this is probably your most enjoyable life-saviour! It is a perfect start into the day to relax and enjoy the time – being with friends and chatting about what has – or may not – has happened the past night. When some of my friends came to visit, I was uncertain where it’s best to go for brunch. The goal: Simultaneously enjoying a nice brunch combined with a lovely view over London. Luckily, I got a hint form a friend that Duck and Waffles is the p l a c e and serves one of the best breakfasts citywide.

So I made the reservation there. However, you have to plan ahead, because they are mostly fully booked at weekends – soon you will understand why! If you know you want to go there, make your reservation at least one month ahead – in particular for a Sundays brunch.View Duck & Waffle

I guess, now you are all eager to see how Duck & Waffle’s is like. The first cool thing is taking the elevator, which brings you to the 40th floor of the Heron Tower – natch with a Swiss Schindler Elevator. It takes you up so amazingly fast that you can spare your coins for the rollercoaster. 😉 Arrived on the 40th floor, you are truly astonished by the breath-taking view over London. Thus pause a minute and enjoy before heading for breakfast.

Finally, seated at the table, the next challenge is ahead (even worse when you are hangover). You need to make up your mind what to choose of all those matutinal temptations. Here are some pictures of the food we ordered and I can tell you – I can only recommend it!

Here we go:
We started with some crispy pig ears. I know it sounds a bit odd, but it tastes actually quite good. Ok, first, it is not just a funny name – truly we are talking about ears of pigs: cut into strips, fired and spiced.
Crispy pig ears

Crispy pig ear
Then I tasted the signature dish of Duck & Waffle, named the same. It is amazing!
I never thought that duck with waffles, a duck egg and a kind of maple leaf syrup, could taste good – mhh, it is sooo delicious.

Duck and waffle

For others, who are not the savoury breakfast people, there are some alternatives as well. For example they serve the granola, yoghurt and fruit compote. Fresh pastry, though, is also an asset.

Granola with fruits


Granola and pastry

Find out by yourself, you will love it!

Here is the link to the restaurant:

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